Sometimes you get unexpected emails.

Also on 12-06-2019 and 11-11-2019 two days to remember. It's like everything just falls together. On 12-06-2019 I received an email from the historical society, Robe in Australia, they saw my website, and in it I had mentioned something about the shipwreck in Robe in 1857, with Captain H.R. guessing. I am still in regular contact with them to this day.

They asked for help, because they want to make a new statue with the names of the killed crew members, unveiling this year on June 30, the day and month that the shipping disaster took place 163 years ago. And then I received an email from Marten Fokkens on 11-11-2019, Marten also saw my website and told me that he had something interesting for me, and if I wanted, I could have it. Marten Fokkens is/was a very good friend of Danny van Doorn.

My goal is to secure this file (out of respect for Danny van Doorn), for my grandchildren, etc, etc.

Danny van Doorn and his life's work, the File King Willem II with Captain H.R. guessing. King William II

Photos taken on June 30, 2020 during the unveiling of a memorial statue with names of the killed crew members.